What's Included In The Garage Door Installation Process?

Installing a new garage door on your home is the best left to professionals. You may be tempted to get n the computer and search for DIY instructions. But trust us when we say that a garage door installation isn’t too simple to be done by a novice. It takes years of experience, an arsenal of tools, and the right know-how to properly and safety install a new garage door.

Professionals will not only ensure that the garage door is secured properly, but they will also be your useful connection for al things garage door-related.

So what you expect from a professional overhead garage door installation? We’ll discuss each consideration below.

Taking The Old Garage Door Is Tricky

The first step is to disassemble and remove the current garage door. While it sound simple enough, this step requires careful manipulation of the springs, cables, and other mechanism. In addition, the technician will have to factor in what size and style your old garage door is and what damage it has since you decided to replace it. All these will affect how it is disassemble and how complex it will turn out. This part alone can take from three up to six hours.

Garage Door Replacement Takes Longer Than A New Build

When technicians are tasked to replace an old garage door, they have to contend with existing issues. Disassembling the springs alone, for example, need steady and experienced hands to make sure that they don’t fly off and cause any damage or injury. If you were to attempt a garage door installation with any prior experience, you could risk hard and delays. On the other hand, a professional can install a new unit in just few hours. Replacing an old garage door may take longer as the technicians need to take the old unit off the garage before placing the new garage door in.

Size Is A Big Factor In Garage Door Installation

Off course, a smaller door will require less work than larger-scale garage doors. In fact, size is usually the differentiation faction when it comes to how long the installation will be. The good thing is that professional technicians have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done.

You May Have Standard or Non-Standard Measurements

If you’ve chosen a new unit that is the same type and size as your existing garage door, it only takes about three hours to complete the replacement. Your existing wiring and tracks should be compatible, making the entire process simpler. But if the space needs some custom fitting and sizing, the job will take longer to finish. In some homes, the opening is not even in the standard size (e.g., more than 16 feet, which is the standard). If there are any peculiar measurements on the floor level, the room above the door, and the area where the track is assembled, the technicians will have to make custom adjustments. Any limitations here may need a particular setup or a special garage door unit.

Availability Of Garage Door Replacement Options Varies

When choosing a garage door repair company, it’s best to pick that offers many options. A reliable team can guide you through the whole process of choosing what type of garage door best suits your home and budget constraints. It is usually easiest to obtain the most basic panel doors and styles. But if you want more choices regarding the aesthetics, the material used, and garage door style (e.g., canopy, sliding), you may have to wait weeks to get the new garage door installed.

Consider The Weather Conditions

If you’re lucky, the weather in your place of residence is generally pleasant. But across many areas in the country, it’s either very cold or stormy. Either condition can make the garage door installation more challenging. Technicians will have to extra careful about the new garage door and the tools that they will use.

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A garage door is a much more complex installation than a regular door. Therefore, it’s wiser to let the professionals handle it. Don’t trust anyone for your garage door custom needs – call our garage door service instead! We have over a decade of experience under our belt to guarantee excellent garage door installation or garage door maintenance. You won’t have to worry about costly and time-consuming mistakes. With us, you gain priceless peace of mind along with a comprehensive warranty for products and installation services.